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A button can be of the following type:

Command button

A command button is used for a command, e.g. 'look at', 'open'. Additional details for a command button are:

Cursor of this command

This cursor is displayed whenever the command is activated (mouse click on button).

Command type

A normal command can be executed on an object (or a character) only, e.g. 'Push', 'Pick up'. With a combined command. it is possible to use an additional item with an object or character, e.g. 'Use', 'Give'. The Give-command is listed explicitly because it is a special command: To make it possible to give items to another character or object you'd have to create a combined command for all(!) objects which might be given to another character. Use the Give-command to create this command button and to avoid the work.

Command can be used on

Objects means that the command can be executed on objects only (characters wont be recognized). Characters means that the command can be executed on characters only. Objects and Characters allows executing it on both.

If Own character is selected then also the own character is recognized by the command and thus actions with this command can be executed on the own character. Of course this can only be selected when the command can be used on Characters or Objects and Characters.

Connecting word (for combined commands)

This word is used by a combined command to connect command and object name.


'with' for the 'Unlock' command (Unlock item with ...)
'to' for the 'Give' command (Give item to ...)


This defines a placeholder for an item which a character can pick up. Please make sure to create scroll buttons also.

Scroll Button

Both, Scroll items up/backward and Scroll items down/forward are the same scroll button. This button allows the player to scroll items in the bag. You can set the number of items scrolled each time under Items scroll amount in the Interface settings (or Inventory settings respectively).

Action area

This defines an area which is only used for arbitrary actions.