Basic settings

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First scene

Choose which scene is to be shown right after the loading screen. Normally this will be some kind of main menu (new game, load/save game, quit etc).

Active character

Choose with which character you want to start on the first scene.

Standard Language

If no language is selected by the user (e.g. with SmartSetup or the .ini file), the game will be started with the language set here.

Intro movie

Choose a video to be shown right after the loading screen. A possible video might be a logo or something similar.


Choose in which resolution the game will be started, e.g. 800x600.

Allow dragging of objects from inventory

If selected the player can drag items from the inventory by pressing the left mouse button. A second click will drop and use it on an object, item or a character.

Always allow to skip active text

If selected then a currently shown text can always be skipped (with the left mouse button or a key-action with the actionpart Skip current text) even if there is a cutscene running or the cursor is hidden.

Execute key actions during a dialog

If selected then key actions (actions which are started by pressing a key) can also be executed if a dialog is currently running (i.e. dialog parts are displayed). If a dialog is currently running and the user switches from a playable scene to a menu (with a key action) then the dialog is not displayed again until the user switches back to a playable scene.

Activate standard command after an Action

Choose weather to activate the standard command or not after an action and also if a standard command should be activated at all (it will usually be the "walk" command).


The User executes the command 'open door'. In case you set it to Never the command 'open door' will remain activated after the action has been executed. When choosing Always the standard command will be activated after the command has been executed. Only after successful execution of an action means that the standard command will only be activated if the action 'open door' exists at all.

Fade Delay

When entering a scene it will be faded from black to the background of the scene. You can configure the duration of this delay here.

Scroll speed

Configure the range of each scroll step.

Minification filter / Magnification filter

Sets the filter which is used for scaling images (currently only character sprites are scaled) 'Linear interpolation' should be appropriate for most cases but can sometimes lead to blurry images. 'Nearest neighbor' only takes one pixel of the original image into account for scaling and produces pixelated images.


This text will be shown in the editor only.


This field contains project description or whatever you want to type in here. If it's not empty the description text can be shown in the SmartSetup by pressing on the description button (works only with compiled Visionaire game files).