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In this area each text is listed which is to be displayed in the game. A text contains entries for each language your game supports (see Languages for further information). To edit the various texts in the different languages you have to choose the language the texts belong to. Do so by opening the menu Options and selecting Set original language. Each text you create and edit belongs to the chosen language automatically. Furthermore you can choose a sound file for each dialog text also. This file will be played each time the text is being displayed.

To insert breaks in the output later in the game there exist 4 tags which can be inserted into the text at any position. These tags are:

  • <px>, <pxs> forces a break and the remaning text continues after x seconds.
  • <pxms> forces a break and the remaining text continues after x milliseconds.
  • <pt> forces a break but its duration depends on the length of the text.
  • <pa> forces a break until the voice output is finished.
  • <p> forces a break until the user clicks a mouse button


'First part<p5>Second part'
'First part' will be displayed and after 5 seconds 'Second part' is shown.
'First part<p2500ms>Second part'
'First part' will be displayed and after 2,5 seconds 'Second part' is shown.

It is very important to set a break at the end of a text displayed in a cut-scene or if the cursor is hidden, because the player cannot interrupt which means the text would be displayed for good.

With the tag <v=name> a Value can be displayed in the text. 'Name' is the name of the value in the editor (the name is case-sensitive).


A Value with the name 'Price' has the inital value 100
The following text would display the price in the game:
'The price of this product is <v=Price> Dollars'

Export of Texts

There are several ways to export texts:

  • texts can be exported into a Visionaire file with the extension *.vec; these texts can be translated by an interpreter, and then later imported again into the game.
  • texts can be exported into HTML files, one file is created for each character. There is an option to export all texts, or only those text that have no speech file yet.